The Commonwealth Foundation for Inclusive Democracy is proud to sponsor emerging and ongoing projects that engage in member education and leadership development and non-partisan civic engagement work to advance a more participatory and democratic society. In compliance with tax laws, the sponsored projects are limited to those activities that are allowed for 501(c)(3) status.

Pennsylvania Stands Up

Pennsylvania Stands Up builds upon four years of successful organizing in small cities and towns across Pennsylvania. These efforts are building power for everyday working people. The combined forces that are changing the political landscape in PA include: Keystone Progress, Reclaim Philadelphia, Lancaster Stands Up, York Stands Up, local Indivisible chapters, and leaders from PA Together and Beyond the Choir. Through this alignment, these groups are reaching unorganized communities and bringing them together into a powerful force for change.

Veterans Organizing Institute

The Veterans Organizing Institute (VOI) is a nonpartisan progressive training program and alumni network. VOI helps veterans take charge of their stories and build their capacities for political leadership. Veterans can help lead and grow the powerful social movements that are needed in order to build a more inclusive democracy. VOI holds training retreats and other events that teach cohorts of 30-40 veterans from around the country the skills to be grassroots organizers within their community. Alumni become part of VOI’s thriving network of hundreds of veteran organizers, and gain access to advanced training webinars.

Organizing Upgrade

Organizing Upgrade serves as a space where left organizers discuss strategy and share organizing models that respond to the profound dangers and the real opportunities of the current political moment. Through online publications and forums, Organizing Upgrade is providing the space for principled engagement around the most critical questions that organizers are facing, in service of building a stronger, better-aligned, powerful multi-racial working-class movement in this country.

Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA)

Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) unites Richmond’s diverse communities to actively promote social and economic justice, health, environmental protection and democracy; and to share Richmond’s experience with other communities seeking to advance similar goals.  The RPA’s Education Institute Project (EIP) facilitates radical education, grassroots training, and other civic engagement activities so that residents can organize to exert collective power within and outside of the political process.